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When learning WordPress, HTML and Test Source Code Script. I encourage you to use localhost first because:

  1. You do not need to buy domain name and hosting in a hurry to get a complete website and put it on the Internet after finishing website.
  2. Speed of page load will be faster when you use on host
  3. Easily edit with intuitive Support Tools

What is Localhost?

Localhost is a compound word for “local” and “host”. Local translation in the sense that IT is your computer, Host in the sense that IT is the server. So localhost is a server running on your computer.

So how can we Create WebServer environment running localhost?

Localhost includes many applications that come together and all of these applications will work together to create an environment where you can run WordPress source code on your own computer including:

  • Apache, this is the most popular Webserver.
  • PHP to handle PHP code because WordPress written in PHP language.
  • MySQL Server to store and process the database, because WordPress uses MySQL as the database platform.
  • PHPMyAdmin to view and manage MySQL database.

Thus, in comparison to the basic requirements of a WordPress website, localhost has completely met.
And if you do not know how to install then you can use 2 software to create fully integrated Server environment. You can refer to the link below to create

How Localhost works?

When you install Localhost into your computer, then your computer has a to run the website application with address is
This is the localhost IP address, and you can also run localhost with http: // localhost. Or even if you can assign any domain to the localhost you want.
Usually when you install Localhost, whenever you need to use, you will need to open the localhost dashboard and enable it to launch the included applications.

Note before installation

  1. Delete all applications related to localhost
    If you have installed software related to doing localhost like PHP, MySQL then delete it all. And you should not install XAMPP on Windows Server with IIS installed.
  2. Note if you use Skype
    If your machine is installing Skype software, localhost will not work because Skype has taken over the network port 80, which is the default gateway of the webserver. So, open Skype -> Tools -> Connection Options -> Uncheck “Use port 80 and 443 …” and enter any port used by Skype.
  3. Turn off the firewall
    If your computer has a firewall installed from Windows or another antivirus program, turn it off as it may block port 80 or webserver applications
  4. Turn off UAC on Windows
    If your machine is running Windows and you have User Account Control enabled, turn it off when using localhost to avoid restricted permissions.

Localhost installation guide

To install Localhost we have many ways and software, but if you are new then we encourage you to use XAMPP software or AMPPS Softwere to install localhost because:

  • XAMPP is completely free.
  • Easy to use.
  • Supports popular operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux.
  • However, in this article we only guide the Windows operating system.

However, AMPPS has many more features than XAMPP

>> See also Tutorial for installing AMPPS

To download XAMPP, first go to www.apachefriends.org/download….. and select the XAMPP version that matches the operating system of the computer you are using, and you should select the version.

Start Localhost

Now go to the directory installed xampp and open the xampp-panel.exe file to open the XAMPP control panel.

You notice that two Apache and MySQL applications have the Start button, which is a sign that these two applications have not started, click the Start button of each application to start the Apache and MySQL Server server running. If Apache and Mysql show “X” ie Apache and Mysql are not installed, you have to click the icon marked “X” to install, then click Start to start.
If both applications turn blue as shown below, the boot is successful.

After you have finished booting up, go to localhost and see the XAMPP demo page.You can click the English button below to access the localhost admin page.In the localhost admin page, you can see the system information as well as the configuration settings for Webserver

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